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it's so convincing how you breathe down my neck i'm back to you like i'm so sure that the ego side is my best and i'm back to honor that and you keep riding all on me it's like that pummel me it's like that so convinced that i'm dead body wet i'm over feeling bad for you like i'm spent body's like i'm mad at you but still in love with that attitude it's back to you i do what i have to do it's my debt felt yr mouth on my neck on yr knees for my set meet me on the other side... put me in pain... it takes from my body i still miss you baby...
it's hard to place my hands around it light the candle, find the passion take another, passing onward i know what i like legs and shoulders and i wish i had a place in la but i also want a place with you there came a time when you were pushing me away and another when you push me through i collapse when i think about you and everything i hid from you you knew so call me out on that... change the past around... eyes closed so cold you put me in choke holds... i cast a sigil and my eyes burn blood i got scars on me no love
the first time the phone rings to my ear i'm elusive man california saw me really fuckin faded man eye to eye in a passion dance secret boy with my secret plans talk me down and out my head in a double bed new releases get delayed by the blogs again back me up if the touring fails the sacred text is the album sales you know i'm so down, never slow down and i'm so for that, take control of that i really saw you in that s-class benz i saw the inside of yr high rise then a fucking waster in the way that i spend my time icy feelings come to me in a foreign ride eye to eye in another time secrets kept of another kind i can feel you breathing hard when i'm by yr side i know the feeling that's been keeping you up at night i and i is a passionate lie secret boy in a secret life i really felt impressed then... there was something that i missed then... something about it tells me that you don't even know me call me like the one the one you've been ignoring passing out and then by you something foreign i was really in seattle with my last band soaring like a real heartbreaker west coast touring wrote half an album before i bailed still collecting from album sales call me when you want me or if something's really wrong baby i just couldn't stand when i crashed that car secret texts when i ran the light i and i is a passionate lie secret boy in a secret life...
and though i'm like you push me away, it's fine... i'm guaranteed to upgrade out of my apartment and you hide your past from me it's fine it's not like i'm surprised by the way you still keep to yourself still i drop back on yr heart cuz i'm yr man but i'm glowing up... like 180 baby will you still call me when i'm in mercedes baby? would you like that? i think you would like that how could you not like that... it passes away... the way i saw the club lights fade settle hard for me baby i want you in the heaven of the now... it's hard to even breathe when yr around
17 in pain 25 in love baby i was so connected but i never had enough i was not collecting i was flexin all my stuff it was there i did it all under the guise of boomin up you don't put me in pain i do it on my own i saw evas x gods x centerfolds now i see me alone girl laden apartment like a vision never known call me like as soon as you get home... i'm doing fucking nothing i'm just waiting for the check and it's all about the money so i'm waiting for the sex still i keep collecting bands and pretend i'm in the rave i don't think about it often but there's money being made back up on yr bed do you see i'm always here there's snipers to the west of us so do it bite my ear now it's like i'm blood... now it's like yr gone... i thought i would call you over that was wrong i'm not gonna do it...
like mass text, it gets passed around what do you call that? my body cashed out you say it's on me, no it's not on me you should've had that you should've called me believe it when i say... there's snipers to the west side i saw you like a model... but actually a real one that was in seattle... i'd end myself to know you... i keep pressing on though the point is yr a charmer... i talk to you in past tense is that what you want yeah back to the way that you put me in pain when you say it's not enough come here baby in the last two years it was everything i gave you... i want yr legs wrapped around me tightly and now my girl is cool like the baddest around and i will wait wait wait by my phone for you now calling late call in passionate sound... i said i was right though i saw you act elusive in sin feel me once by yr legs and within i wait for you to say i need you more than once and yr calling me back it's a question of enough i say it's adding up... me is who i love.
boulevard apartment that was in 2007 when i drove you back from philly then you were with me there in secret i was marking out for that feeling like i know it's real cuz i feel it and i hate to make you feel morally in debt i wish you were on my arm want you tattooed on my neck i hate to make you feel more than depressed... baby i'm correcting this miss because this summer i've had enough i took too much... and i didn't see you enough... (and i didn't eat enough...) crashed my car on keyser like i'm tom may playing twisted metal like i'm kanye... moving through these attitudes like we could not be speaking then and still i come right back to you i hate to make you feel more than incensed i'm pulling up with the best see the prices going up and i start to fade away final crisis of the heart passing over me again and i try to call you back but can't remember anything yr the cd in my car... yr the phone that never rings... and i hate to hold on restless feelings... i crashed my car on keyser like i'm tom may thank you black kray...
lights on paper new vacations come my way you cut through me like yr pushing me away call my phone up call my phone up what's up baby i try to talk to you but don't know what to say and for my last nights... i don't want to be alone... i know i'm so in pain it's so hard not to love me i know you wish that i'd stay back so we can kick it but i'm here now... open up the door for me... lights on paper new vacations come my way call my phone up call my phone up what's up baby it's the only thing that's on my mind because my baby's out like working every night... i've gotta find new sentiments that i can ride i've gotta find a different way to spend my time tell me what you see when you see me expensive this is love that manifests in yr undressing is it too out of the question to leave flowers on yr dresser you keep pushing me away baby i find that impressive it's an icy way to stop my breath... she wants me dead... don't reply and kill the mentions then...
what were you thinking last night all night you were in and still like outside you were once in pageants, i know you were in the club lights i know you were in the past tense so slowed i was right there with you though feelings came like heavy then i want tongue and nothing else... i want you like bad come to me in violent ways and can't even react acting selfish in the back taking selfies in all black so you were under club lights so cool i was right there with you too... i saw you without pretense years ago you were in the club like so cold... with yr legs on my hands it's cool i'm a fan i thought about loving once and never again i thought i was passionate, like i'm passionate man in shadows i stand in shadows i'm next to you what's yr number and plans in visions i come to you when yr out with yr friends or out without friends... and i call but the cell is off and i miss you again i'm tied to yr hands i'm tethered to everything... what were you thinking last night all night...
fantasize about yr legs and thighs cut through me with yr knives and eyes wait for me until the time is right i see you there i lose my mind and sometime's i go through you there i looked you up on computers there old pictures new feelings new windows up to the ceilings there... and sometimes i'm mad at you but still in love with that attitude it's back to you do you still love me like that? call me back... do you remember once when you knew me as the one who was talking all the time? maybe move to iceland and out of my apartment, that's fine... wait wait what's that sign i never really know what's on yr mind... there never was a feeling that i knew was real... tell me how you really feel tell me what's real...
you know i only like it when the lights' turned out silhouette lover in my clique right now turns her back to me like she's over it we don't need to talk about it baby you can show me it and we were coolin in my car in the parking lot i had you forever in a second like it never stopped you know i've got you like down solitary ways i was in a past life everything safe i couldn't collect myself i can't remember what i was saying but i remember how it felt one time, i'm the one passionate summer it's my fault that yr gone silhouette lover and i want you right now and so bad i was projecting myself onto you in the back i was pretending that i'm yr man baby i'm a fan don't push me away take me in again there's a california goth with my jacket on 02 chick in the background just pass it around, it's going down eyes on me with the cameras out and i'm like tell me why you like me through yr cell phone tell me why you like it when i lose control just pass it on my way and take if you want it it's cool but it takes from my heart and it breaks it and i'm upset because i lose everything i lost my title and my passport, everything i tried to see you and i flaked on everything i left my mark on it mistakes on everything and i keep secrets like you don't even know me i went through everything for you to control me and when i left the club i crashed into everything heart like 17 eyes like passionate i lose everything




released February 26, 2016


all rights reserved





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